Anna Taipale

Hello, fellow life-traveller!
I’m Anna.

Author of 3 books on self-love, therapeutic coach, energy intuitive and guide to practical self-love through courses and workshops,
writings and retreats.

Anna Taipale is an author of 3 books, a seer, a therapeutic coach and a guide to practical self-love

Where it all started...

When I was a 5-year old girl, I used to stare myself in the mirror and repeat to myself: “Who Am I”, like a mantra. I’d lose the sense of myself as a little girl and expand in to endless vastness of love. I simply knew that the core of existence was this joyous expansiveness, love and freedom.

I sensed, that this love-core permeated everything, including, say, the stars in the night sky, the macaroni on my plate, my parents, the people at the daycare, the carpets on the floor, the book I was reading. I exclaimed to my parents that I loved myself, and that one day I was going to write books about “this stuff”.

As a girl, I remembered eras beyond this lifetime, and communed easily with beings that were not in the physical realm. Somewhere along the years growing up I realized it wasn’t the norm, and started wondering what was wrong with me and why I didn’t fit in.

As soon as I’d finished reading all the horse girl books from my local library, I moved on to psychology and spirituality. I wanted to understand who we are as human beings, why there's suffering and disconnect, and how to bring things into balance within ourselves.

This passion never left me. I became a journalist by my first profession and wrote articles on psychology and wellness in magazines and worked as a journalist, presenter and director in TV programs. I started a client practice doing intuitive and canneled readings, which eventually morphed into a full-time business as a coach and intuitive, and I left my work in media.

Self-Love as a pathway

For me, the science of psychology, wisdom traditions and the spiritual side of things were never in contradiction. I found my teacher at the age of 25. Another spiritual teacher of mine is I continue to study the field of psychology in its many forms and modalities with passion - always a curious explorer of life, spirit and human condition.

My deepest commitment in this lifetime has been diving into the non-dual teachings, realizing and embodying my true nature in a grounded, no-fluff way.
Self-Love has been my pathway, and teaching it to others, my soul's joy.

Self-Love is the most challenging thing I know; for how do you reconcile trauma, shame, guilt, adverse conditions, the challenges of life and the seemingly endless - and often contradictory - aspects of being? Self-love isn't necessarily about healing all your wounds or finding some sort of "perfect balance".

To me, self-love is about facing yourself to the core, learning to accept everything about yourself (which can sometimes mean accepting not being able to accept), and taking full responsibility for your life and energies. It means nothing “outside” of you – your friends, past wounds, family origin, trauma, life circumstance or conditioning, decides your worth or define who and what you are. Self-love isn't about "getting it right" or figuring everything out, nor is it necessarily any specific "state". To me, it's learning to relate to ourselves with fierce compassion on this wild ride as humans on earth.

On my self-love journey I’ve engaged with a keen empirical study of the rougher sides of life, dysfunctional relationships and definitely not feeling worthy. My path has been both mystical and practical, and my absolute pleasure and joy is to communicate to others, what I’ve learned and continue to discover along the way.

I’m an empath; a warm, compassionate being with a fierce spirit and a joyous nature.
I adore things of beauty, nature and the oceans, moving my body, riding horses (and occasionally waves), reading, learning, enjoying delicious food and wine (and other sensualities of life), working, creating, growing, dreaming, and connecting deeply with myself and others.