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What if you could learn to truly love and empower yourself and enjoy
the abundance of life?

Well, you can. It’s your birthright.

Learn to love and empower yourself, connect with spirit and enjoy the abundance of life

Welcome to Soul&Stuff

Unworthiness and codependency are structural defaults on the planet, yet we can learn how to break free from the old mechanisms of struggle. Human life can be snotty, and it can be surfed with more self-compassion and skills for inner peace, self worth and good relationships.

You can learn to receive the flowing abundance of life, deep sense of purpose, and loving relationships. Not in a spiritual bypass -type of way, but practical, down to earth yet deeply spirited, transformational way.

By learning emotional skills and nervous system regulation, healthy boundaries, self-understanding and connection with different facets of your being, you can learn to move beyond self-limiting conditioning into self-worth and thriving.

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Welcome to Soul&Stuff

I’m Anna Taipale, author of 3 books on self-love and heartful empowerment by a major publisher. I’m an energy intuitive and therapeutic coach, and my passion is teaching self-love, reational skills and wholesomeness through courses and workshops, writings and retreats.

First and foremost, I’m a lover of life.

My offerings include 1-1 sessions, videos on my YouTube-channel and Letters From My Soul.

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Self-love is your birthright

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